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Monuments stand as witnesses of a country's past; the monuments of India solve the same purpose, but they are also the guardian pillars of India's cultural heritage. Take an Indian heritage tour and travel by Palace on Wheels, pay a visit to World Heritage Sites of India that brings to the fore some of the most amazing examples of architectural grandeur that took place in India in the gone by era's and became an inspiration for the future generations.
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Taj Mahal in IndiaThe historical monuments of India are not just remains and ruined sites, but building landmarks of India's past standing there to delight tourists, as well as to represent the rich cultural heritage of India. India's famous must visit monuments include the outstanding architectural wonder - Taj Mahal, the exquisite monumental temples of Khajuraho and the heritage forts and palaces of Rajasthan. So, begin your tour of India's monuments by first checking out the World Heritage Sites of India

Indian CavesThe Indian Cave sites are not examples of the earliest human settlements and of India's Ancient history; they are the focal point of Indian architecture and sculptural art. The series of rock-cut caves found in some parts of Central India; or the cave paintings existing in Ajanta & Ellora can inspire any artist's mind and fascinate a tourist to visit these Heritage Indian sites again and again. .

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