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Khajuraho Temples

Location of the site: Khajuharo, Madhya Pradesh
Famous For: Khajuraho is well known for erotic art sculptures and carved temples and Dance Festival
Significance: World Heritage Site
Nearby attractions: Panna Wildlife Sanctuary

Even if situated in the middle of nowhere, the Khajuraho temple complex site is one the most popular places both foreign and Indian tourists. Temples of Khajuraho hold the attention of a visitor with their sculptural art, which is so exquisite and intricate, that one cannot even dream of cloning it now. Perfect in execution and sublime in expressions these Khajuraho temples are a dedication to the womanhood. The artist's creative instincts have beautifully captured various facets and moods of life in stone.World known Khajuraho Tempels in M.P., India

Khajuraho, the ancient "Kharjjuravahaka", was the principal seat of authority of the Chandella rulers who adorned it with numerous tanks, scores of lofty temples of sculptural grace and architectural splendour. The local tradition lists eighty-five temples but now only twenty-five are standing examples in various stages of preservation. But for Chausath-Yogini, Brahma and Mahadeva, which are of granite, all the other temples are of fine-grained sandstone, buff, pink or pale yellow in colour.

Khajuraho Temples - A Celebration Of Life
The existing temple of Khajuraho can be divided into three groups, Western, Eastern and Southern. The famous Western Group, designated a World Heritage site, is enclosed within a beautifully laid-out park. Yasovarman (AD 954) built the temple of Lord Vishnu, now famous as Lakshmana temple is an ornate and evolved example of its time proclaiming the prestige of the Chandellas.

The Vishvanatha, Parsvanatha and Vaidyanatha temples in Khajuraho belong to the time of king Dhanga, the successor of Yasovarman. The Jagadambi, Chitragupta, are noteworthy among the western group of royal temples of Khajuraho. The largest and grandest temple of Khajuraho is the immortal Kandariya Mahadeva, which is attributed to king Ganda (AD 1017-29).

The other examples that followed viz., Vamana, Adinatha, Javari, Chaturbhuj and Duladeo, are smaller but elaborately designed. The Khajuraho group of temples are noted for lofty terraces (jagati) and functionally effective plans. The sculptural embellishments include, besides the cult images; 'Parivara', 'Parsva', 'Avarana' 'Devatas', 'Dikpalas', the 'Apsaras' and 'Sura-Sundaris' which win universal admiration for their delicate, youthful female forms of ravishing beauty. The attire and ornamentation embrace the winsome grace and charm.

Tour Packages Of Khajuraho Temples

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