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Buddhist Monasteries in India

Sanchi Stupa in Madhya PradeshBuddhism was a religion that was born in India but spread its wings all over the world. Being the country of Gautam Buddha, the Buddhist pilgrimage centers in India are the main attractions that attract devotees even from outside India. And why not! India was the center of Buddhist learning in the ancient times, and religious sites of those times have become the places of monumental importance today.

Bihar is one of the major states when it comes to Buddhist religious monument centres such as Bodh Gaya and temples like Bodhi and Maha Bodhi temple. Then there are monasteries such as Tabo and Namgyal in Himachal, which have a lot of Tibetan influence on them. Similarly, hilltop buddhist monasteries and a colourful way of life, completely at one with the surroundings, make Ladakh one of the best living traditions of Tibetan Buddhism in the world today.

Famous Buddhist Monuments in India

Bodhgaya, Bihar
Bodhgaya is small and quiet town, which is the most important of all the Buddhist sites in the world. Apart from being a vital Buddhist centre, it is also a significant archaeological site. .
Bodhgaya in Bihar
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Sanchi Stupas
More than any other monument, the Great Stupa of Sanchi symbolizes the rise and spread of Buddhism in India. It is also the largest site of Buddhist remains in India.
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Nalanda University, Bihar
Nalanda translates as 'the place that confers the lotus' or spiritual knowledge. A monastic university flourished here from the 5th to the 11th century. It is said to have contained nine million books, with 2,000 teachers to impart knowledge to 10,000 students who came from all over the Buddhist world.
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Bodhi Temple, Bihar
The place where Lord Buddha became the enlightened one, Bodh Gaya is the greatest pilgrim centre for Buddhists of the world. Numerous monasteries constructed by Burmese, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Bhutanese in their native architectural styles provide great attraction to tourists.

Maha Bodhi Temple, Bihar
Believed to be built by emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BC, The architecture of this temple is unparalleled in North India. A major attraction of this temple site is the huge Idol of Buddha in the 'Bhumisparsa Mudra'.

Bodhgaya, Bihar
Bodhgaya is small and quiet town, which is the most important of all the Buddhist sites in the world. Apart from being a vital Buddhist centre, it is also a significant archaeological site.

Buddha Stupa, Bihar

Two stupas dedicated to Lord Buddha were unearthed here that are believed to contain sacred ashes of Lord Buddha.
Tabo Monastery, H.P.
Within the rugged landscape and harsh atmosphere of the Spiti region is situated one of the most sacred Buddhist monastery sites of India, Tabo.

Namgayal Monastery, H.P.
Since its establishment the Namgyal Monastery has been a center of learning, contemplation and meditation on the vast and profound Buddhist treatises.

Dhankar Monastery, H.P.
The landscape and aura of Dhankar Monastery makes such a spell binding impact on the visitor who visits this Buddhist site that it becomes a visit of a lifetime.

Tour Packages Of Buddhist Monasteries in India

1. Buddhist Circuit Tour - IMP-08
    08 Days / 09 Nights
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2. Buddha Tour Package - IMP-09
    11 Nights /12 Days
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3. Buddhist Travel Package, Sanchi - IMP-10
    13 Days / 12 Nights
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