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Religious Monuments of India

Khajuraho Temple in Madhya Pradesh Faith never follows any religious bindings. So how about checking some religious places and monuments that are not only revered by every individual in India, they are the most exquisite ensamples of our country's history. These religious shrines not only carry with them the differences of architecture according to the ruling dynasties who built them, but also some peculiar features that show the uniformity of belief and faiths even if the religious practices differ.

The north focuses the temples, mosques and monasteries of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Once having a strong hold of Hindu Dogra kings, the city of Jammu abounds with popular temples and pilgrimage centers such as Vaishno Devi. Ladakh is the best place to witness the impact of Trans-Himalayan Buddhism and do not forget to pay a visit to the hilltop monasteries situated in the bleak terrain of the barren mountains. Jama Masjid in in Delhi

Then there's the traditional Ahmedabad - capital city of Gujarat, which combines mosques of inspired workmanship, wooden Jain temples, unique stonewells and houses with ornately carved balconies and window screens. Stone and marble spires with rich detail carving are the most appealing feature of the Jain temples in Palitana.

Night Vew of Lotus Temple - DelhiSanchi's 'Stupas', 'Chaityas', temples, monasteries and gateways are embellished with the most delicate carvings that depict various incidents in Lord Buddha's life as well as his important teachings. Karnataka, with its capital Bangalore, is the home to a fascinating legacy of richly carved temples, imposing mosques and trappings of a royal past. Check out the contrast in the temple heritage of temple towns Bubaneswar, Puri, Konark in the east and Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram and Thanjavur in the south.

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