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North Indian Monuments

Qutub Minar - The Famous Monument in Delhi, India Northern part of India was the worst hit region when it comes to outside aggressions. Whether, Mughals, Greeks or British, everyone entered the Indian Soil from this area and plundered almost every treasure India was proud to own. But these rulers also gave some thing in return, a legacy of beautiful and magnificent monuments, which have become the essence of the country's existence.

Famous Monuments of North India

Taj Mahal, Agra, U.P.
Taj Mahal is not just a fine specimen of beautiful art and excellent architecture, but a memorial of love and faith. It is a sublime experience of the greatest love story ever told.
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Agra Fort, Agra, U.P.
May be the fort has taken a backseat in front of the glory of the Taj, But its still a delight for those who are curious to see the majestic architectural grandeur that the Mughals were so famously known for.
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Fatehpur Sikri, U.P.
Famously known as the erstwhile capital built by Akbar the Great; forgotten by time this magnificent city is still among one of the most visited monuments in India as well as a prime excursion from Agra.
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Humayon Tomb in Delhi - IndiaHumayun's Tomb, Delhi
Humayun's widowed Queen Haji Begum built the Tomb, in the 16th century AD. Architecturally the forerunner of the Taj Mahal, it stands in Nizamuddin, which shows the Mughal architecture at its best.
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Sikandra, U.P
A famous excursion of Agra city, is a glorious introduction to the city of Mughal wonders, Sikandra, the site of Akbar's Musoleum. Started by Akbar and completed by his son Jehangir in 1613 AD, Sikandra is an expression of a man's desire for serenity and dignity.

Lakshman Jhula, U.P.
When visiting Rishikesh, the bridge that one will definitely cross is the Lakshman Jhula. This suspended Iron bridge was built in 1939 and offers a panaromic view of the Ganges to the tourists.

Red Fort, Delhi
The red sandstone edifice is not just a major attraction of India's Independence Day celebrations, but is one of the major Mughal structures built by Emperor Shah Jahan within the walled city of Old Delhi. t.

Old Fort, Delhi
Old Fort or Purana Qila is believed to be the ancient site of Indraprastha, from the legendry epic story of Mahabharata. Sher Shah Suri demolished the city of Dinpanah built by Humayun and on the same site raised this citadel

India Gate, Delhi
This "Arc-de-Triomphe" is the memorial ground situated in the center of Delhi, commemorating for those 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives while fighting for the British army in the First World War.

Safdarjung's Tomb, Delhi
With the collapse of the Mughal Dynasty after the death of Aurangzeb, the only architectural structure built was the Tomb of Safdarjung, who was the Prime Minister Delhi under Muhammad Shah.

Lord Elgin's Memorial, H.P.
Lord Elgin's Memorial, H.P. This memorial was built in Dharamsala for the Scottish working-peer, and eighth viceroy Lord Elgin, who succeeded Lord Lansdowne, in 1896. The lord loved to spend his vacations in the mountainous backdrop of Dhramshala because it reminded him of his homeland, Scotland.

Padam Palace, H.P.
Rampu's Padam Palace is situated is located near the banks of Sutlej River and is an outstanding example of the taste, style and architecture of the erstwhile hill states.

Rang Mahal, H.P.
Built by Raja Umed Singh in the mid 18th century, the beautiful Rang Mahal Palace is one of the must see places of Chamba.

Kangra Fort, H.P
The royal remnant of the rulers of Kangra, Kangra Fort once used to be the seat of power of Katoch Rajas.

Tabo Monastery, H.P.
Within the rugged landscape and harsh atmosphere of the Spiti region is situated one of the most sacred Buddhist monastery sites of India, Tabo.

Gurkha Castles, H.P
Even if they are nothing but ruined structures, still Gurks Castles are the most integral part of Himachali Heritage. The Gurkha castles in Solan, Sirmour, Bilaspur and Shimla districts remind us of the life and time under the Gurkha regime.

Maharaja's Palace, H.P.
The magnificent palace, with elaborate furnishings was built in the year 1891 and a must visit for those who come to the hill town of Chail.

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